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May 3, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing A Hotel For an Extended Stay

One of the most important parts of planning a long trip is finding the right hotel. If you’re wondering, “Are extended-stay hotels worth it?” The answer is yes—because you’re going to be in your destination for a longer period of time, you’ll want to stay somewhere that feels like home. You’ll want to make sure to choose an option that has all the comforts and amenities you need. In this article, we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about extended-stay hotels before you book your trip. 

What is an Extended-Stay Hotel?

An extended-stay hotel offers similar amenities and services as a traditional hotel, but offers long-term accommodations. Whereas traditional hotels typically have a maximum stay for guests, extended-stay hotels offer stays of one week or more. They also offer unique features to help you maintain your daily routine from home. Rooms often come with a kitchen as well as access to a laundry room. Many of these hotels also allow pets

Some of the features that you would find at a traditional hotel include regular room service as well as restaurants, a fitness center and pools on-site. Some extended-stay hotels only offer studio-sized rooms, while others offer larger suites. 

Extended-stay hotels tend to have a cheaper per-night rate than traditional hotels, as hotels like the guaranteed occupancy that extended-stay guests provide and are willing to provide discounts accordingly. This makes them an economical option for long-term travel. 

How Long Can You Stay in an Extended-Stay Hotel?

Each hotel has its own rules regarding the length of your stay, so be sure to check their policy to determine exactly how long you’re allowed to stay at the hotel. Many extended-stay hotels will allow you to stay for months at a time, and some properties may even allow you to stay for up to a year. 

Keep in mind that many extended-stay properties have minimum stay requirements. These usually range from one week to thirty days, depending on the property. 

How Much Are Extended-Stay Hotels Per Month? 

One of the biggest benefits of staying in an extended-stay hotel is that their nightly rates are much cheaper than a traditional hotel. If you are staying for a month or more, the hotel might require you to pay a monthly rate rather than a nightly rate. 

Exactly how much are extended-stay hotels per month? The cost varies widely depending on the individual location and the amenities offered. Monthly rates can range anywhere from $1,000 per month to over $4,000 per month. 

Keep in mind that some hotels may require you to put down a deposit when booking your reservation. Others may require you to pay for the entire stay up front. 

Price Influencers

There are a variety of factors that will affect the total cost of your extended-stay hotel. The most important factor is the location of the hotel. Hotels in in-demand metro areas like New York, San Francisco or Washington, D.C. are going to come with a higher price tag than hotels in small towns. The location of the hotel within the metro area matters as well—hotels that are close to a downtown area or transit hub tend to be more expensive. 

The amenities available at the hotel will also affect its total cost. Hotels that offer on-site dining, gyms, pools and other amenities are going to cost more than those that do not. The size of your room will also affect its cost, as suites are more expensive than studios. 

Finally, the time of year will also affect the cost of your stay. Hotel prices tend to go up during certain holidays or busy seasons in your destination. If a conference or festival is happening nearby, that can also raise the price of your room. 

How to Save on Your Stay

Long trips away from home can quickly get pricey, but many hotels offer deals to help you cut back on your overall cost. For example, the Hotel at Arundel Preserve’s extended-stay package offers highly discounted rates for stays of 60 days or more. This gives you access to all the hotel’s luxury amenities without the luxury price tag. 

Be sure to take advantage of the hotel’s amenities to help you save money. For example, many hotels offer deals at their in-house restaurants or even have complimentary breakfast options. If you have a kitchen in your room, doing your own cooking can save you a huge amount of money as well. 

Consider alternate forms of transportation as well to help you save money. Some hotels offer shuttles between the hotel, the airport and other key destinations around town. Depending on where you’re staying, you may also be able to take public transportation or even rent a bike to save money. 

Are Extended-Stay Hotels Worth It? 

Extended-stay hotels offer a great alternative to a traditional hotel for long trips. So, are extended-stay hotels worth it overall? The answer ultimately depends on the details of your trip. 

In some cases, extended-stay hotels are the most affordable option for a long trip. They also offer a variety of amenities that you wouldn’t get at a standalone rental home, such as on-site dining options, gyms and more. Long trips can be stressful, but these amenities will help you feel more at home while you’re traveling. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each option to determine what makes the most sense for your trip. Here’s what to keep in mind: 


Ultimately, you’ll need to find a hotel that fits in your budget. Extended-stay hotels are usually cheaper than traditional hotels but may be more expensive than Airbnbs and other standalone rentals. Consider how much you’re willing to spend for the entire trip. If you’re traveling for business, consider your travel allowance as well. 


Amenities are another very important consideration to keep in mind. Would you like a gym on the property? Do you need access to a large kitchen? Do you want regular housekeeping services? These amenities will affect the overall quality of your experience and may be worth spending more on. 

Location & Length of Stay 

The location of the hotel should be close to any destinations you’ll visit on a daily basis, whether that be an office, school or family member’s home. You’ll also need to make sure that your hotel accommodates the length of your stay. Check their maximum and minimum stay requirements to find an option that makes sense for you. 

Book Your Stay at The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

If you’re looking for an extended-stay option in Maryland, The Hotel at Arundel Preserve’s extended-stay package is perfect for you. You’ll get affordable discounted rates for stays of 60 days or more, all with the comfort and amenities you’d expect from a high-end hotel. 

We’re conveniently located near Baltimore/Washington International Airport and the Arundel Mills Mall, so you can explore everything the area has to offer. We offer a variety of different rooms and suites to suit your needs. Book your extended stay with us today!

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