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February 25, 2022

Hotel or AirBnb? 5 Pros of Staying at a Hotel

In recent years, vacation apps such as Airbnb have made short-term rentals seem like an attractive alternative to a hotel stay. And while some Airbnb rentals may have their charm, we believe that hotels are still the best option for enjoying your vacation. The proof, as you’ll see, is in what a hotel offers you that an Airbnb rental simply can’t.

Hotels vs. Airbnbs

No matter how cozy an Airbnb might seem on the website, here are five reasons why a hotel is usually better.

1. Safety

Safety is a major factor when it comes to where you stay during your travels, particularly when traveling with family. In the unfortunate event that you feel uneasy or unsafe in your Airbnb rental, you’re left with limited options. Unlike hotels, where you can approach a manager or request a different room, in an Airbnb, you either stick with what you have or choose to leave.

Hotels offer an added layer of security between your guest room and the outside world, instilling a sense of comfort and protection from the outset. 

Plus, hotels are subject to rigorous safety standards, enforced through jurisdictional inspections required for operation. These inspections verify the proper functioning of doors and locks, the maintenance of labeled emergency escape routes, adherence to building codes and more. In contrast, most Airbnb rentals are not subject to these same regulations.

Hotels have been around long enough to fine-tune and update their safety procedures. The conventional hotel has a range of security features not commonly found in the average Airbnb rental. This includes continuous monitoring by security personnel, the presence of surveillance cameras and the availability of secure in-room lock boxes to protect your valuables.

 While staying at an Airbnb property can be a delightful adventure, it’s important to recognize that you are essentially a guest in someone else’s personal space. Although the majority of hosts are reliable and trustworthy, there’s always a slim possibility of encountering an uncommon exception.

2. Easy Check-in and Check-out Process

When it comes to comparing Airbnb and hotel accommodations, another factor to consider is the check-in and check-out process. While Airbnb hosts generally have efficient systems in place, it’s not always foolproof. 

Check-in instructions aren’t always straightforward and may be unnecessarily complicated or frustrating if you’ve just gotten off a long flight or late-night drive. If a key is misplaced or an access code fails, you may find yourself relying on your host to rectify the situation. This host could be in a different city, on their own vacation or simply unreachable. 

By contrast, almost all hotels operate their front desks round the clock, ensuring a seamless check-in experience — no need to remember access codes or make phone calls. Regardless of whether you arrive at 2:00 PM or 2:00 AM, a knowledgeable staff member will be available to assist you in getting set up.

When it comes time to check out of an Airbnb, most of the time, the process may seem straightforward. However, as your departure approaches, you’ll likely face various tasks to complete before hitting the road. Dispose of trash, strip the beds and tidy up the kitchen — some hosts may even request that you launder the linens before departing. Do you really want to be burdened with a list of chores at the end of your vacation?

However, departing from a hotel is a breeze. Simply pack your belongings, return your room key and bid farewell. It’s as easy as can be. 

3. Routine Cleaning Standards

When considering an Airbnb, it’s worth noting that they often add separate cleaning fees. This additional charge will cover the cost of ensuring a clean and sanitized space. While this fee contributes to the cleaning process, it may not always guarantee the same rigorous standards upheld by hotels. 

This disparity in cleaning practices adds another layer to the Airbnb vs. hotel discussion, emphasizing the peace of mind that comes with staying in an establishment where routine cleaning is not just a guideline but a heavily enforced standard.

4. Features and Amenities

Amenities are abound at luxury hotels. Features like swimming pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, on-site or on-call spa services and restaurants are the norm at a high-quality hotel. Thesefeatures aren’t found in all Airbnb rentals. If you happen to be lucky enough to find a rental with a similar list of amenities, chances are you’ll have to pay even more for the upgrade.

With Airbnb, the photos for a room could look great online but appear entirely different in person. The space may not be as advertised or the neighborhood could be a nightmare. No concierge means nowhere to stash your bags if you arrive early or leave late.

5. Conveniently Located

Chances are, your hotel will be more conveniently located than any Airbnb — unless you pay more for a centrally located short-term rental. This is because hotel locations are strategically chosen. Vacation rentals are located wherever they’re located. 

On the other hand, Airbnb rentals may be scattered across different neighborhoods, which might not always offer the same level of convenience when it comes to accessing key destinations. You may have the additional expense of renting a car to get around a wholly unfamiliar place.

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Not only does The Hotel at Arundel Preserve deliver the peace of mind and convenience you require, but we also prioritize guest experience above all else. That’s not a promise all Airbnb hosts can make. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel relaxed and well taken care of. 

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