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April 13, 2023

Advantages of Booking Directly With a Hotel

When planning a trip, many turn to online booking websites to find the best deal on hotels and accommodations. However, there are many advantages of booking directly with a hotel they may be missing out on. From loyalty programs to cancellation policies and refund protection, booking direct is always worth considering. In this article, we’ll take a look at different ways to book hotels online, as well as whether it is better to book a hotel directly. 

5 Advantages of Booking Directly with a Hotel

1. You May Find a Lower Rate 

Many people assume that sites like always offer the cheapest rates, and sometimes you will find the best deals on these sites. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, many hotels go out of their way to offer lower rates to customers who book directly with them. 

This is because travel sites take a cut when you book a room through them. Because of this, many hotels incentivize customers to book directly by offering cheaper rates. If you notice that the rate for the hotel you want to book is cheaper on a travel site than on the hotel’s website, be sure to let them know. They might be willing to price match the cheaper rate. 

2. Ability to Change Your Reservation 

One of the biggest reasons to book a hotel directly is the flexibility it provides. If you think that the dates of your trip might change or that it might get canceled, booking directly is the safest option. 

When you book your stay through a third party, you’re typically not going to get the option to adjust your booking even if something comes up. This is because the third party site that you book through won’t have full access to the hotel’s calendar and therefore won’t be able to make those changes. Third party sites that do provide this option typically come with a hefty fee and no refund for cancellations. 

If you book directly with the hotel, you’re more likely to be able to adjust your booking. Some hotels even allow you to change or cancel your reservation online without making a phone call. This gives you more peace of mind, as you’ll be able to make adjustments in the event of inclement weather, illness or another emergency. 

3. Get the Room You Want 

Sometimes when you book your room online through a site like Expedia or, you have a limited selection of room types. You might even be randomly assigned to a room based on the inventory that’s available. 

When you book directly, you’ll usually get to select the exact type of room that you want if it’s available. This is particularly convenient if you prefer a suite, need an accessible room, or need a room with a specific number of beds to accommodate your group. 

4. It May Be Easier for the Hotel to Serve You

Direct bookings provide some advantages for guests, but they also provide advantages for the hotel. As previously mentioned, hotels benefit financially when you book directly with them. It also makes it easier for the hotel to communicate directly with you and keep bookings organized. 

Because hotels prefer when their guests book directly, they’ll often offer unique perks or go above and beyond with customer service. While this isn’t guaranteed at every hotel, it is a nice advantage to watch out for. 

For example, some hotels offer special extra benefits or discounts during your stay as a thank-you. When you book directly, you’ll also have access to special service packages that you wouldn’t be able to book through another site. 

5. You Can Earn Hotel Rewards

Some hotels have in-house reward programs where you can earn points towards future stays. In order to earn and redeem these points, you’ll need to book your stay directly. Hotel stays booked through third parties won’t be eligible for rewards points, even if you’re a repeat guest. 

Is it Better to Book Directly with a Hotel?

Even with all these advantages, weighing whether you want to go with booking through a hotel or third-party site comes down to your situation and what you’re looking for in an experience. Below are some of the factors that may affect whether one route or the other is better or worse for you. 

Rate Pricing & Fees

When searching for a place to stay, many people will go directly to sites like Expedia or These sites allow you to browse and compare several different hotels in one place. They often feature “discounted” rates, making it difficult to choose between booking through or directly. However, the prices shown on these third-party sites aren’t always as cheap as they seem, as hidden fees add up fast, making the price much higher at checkout than what was originally advertised. 

Sometimes, you actually end up paying more per night than if you’d booked through the hotel directly. Though this isn’t always the case, it’s an important aspect to be aware of. Checking the prices of the hotel itself can be a good last step even if you decide to book through a travel website, just to make sure you’re getting the best possible price. 

Flexibility & Cancellation

When it comes to cancellations, booking directly with a hotel is usually more flexible. If you book with a travel site, you may not be able to change your reservation after you book. Hotels will often work with you one-on-one if you need to adjust a direct booking or have other special requests. 

When you book through a third party, it can be difficult to cancel or change your reservation. In fact, you may not be able to do so at all. This is because the terms and conditions for cancellations of booking websites are often stricter than the hotel’s. 

Book Your Stay at The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

Overall, there are many advantages of booking directly with a hotel rather than through a third party. However, the Hotel at Arundel Preserve welcomes all reservations, including those booked through a travel website.

Booking your stay through our reservation system is a simple and straightforward process. You’ll have access to our best rates and exclusive offers. You can modify or cancel your reservation online as well, and we’re always just a phone call away if you need any additional support. 

The Hotel at Arundel Preserve is Hanover, Maryland’s premier hotel for business and leisure travel. With high-end dining and amenities, as well as a convenient location near Baltimore-Washington International Airport, The Hotel at Arundel Preserve has everything you need for an amazing trip. Book your stay today!

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