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March 28, 2023

Travel Packing Tips and Tricks

Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and recharge, but hardly anyone gets relaxed while packing their bags. While you want to make sure you have everything you need, especially if traveling for a specific event like a wedding or business conference, overpacking means you’ll be stuck carrying bulky suitcases and sifting through items you don’t need. 

A little advance planning and organization will make the packing process easier so that you can focus on your exciting trip instead of your suitcase. Here’s how to avoid overpacking for vacation this spring break (and beyond) with some of our best travel packing tips and tricks. 

How To Pack Clothes for Travel

One of the biggest packing challenges for any trip is choosing the right clothes. You want to make sure you have the right outfits for every aspect of your trip, and you’ll also need a way to keep them organized. Follow these tips to pack clothes efficiently and keep them in good condition while on the go. 

  • Invest in packing organizers: Cubes, bags and other organizational tools that fit inside your suitcase are a very effective way to keep your clothes in order and maximize space. These organizers work well for sorting clothing by type or outfit. They’re also very effective for separating dirty and clean clothes while you’re on the go. 
  • Roll your clothes: One of the most simple but effective vacation packing tips is to roll your clothes rather than folding them in your suitcase. Not only does this save space, but it also prevents wrinkled clothes. 
  • Plan your outfits ahead of time: Organizing your clothes into outfits ahead of time prevents overpacking by ensuring you only bring the items you really need. Make sure you have appropriate outfits for any social or professional obligations on your trip, as well as leisure activities and downtime at the hotel. Another great packing tip for a family vacation is to opt for items that you can re-wear with multiple outfits when you’re short on space. 
  • Use luggage with built-in hanger space for business travel: If you frequently travel for business, invest in luggage designed specifically to hold hangers. This will help keep your suits and other dress clothes in good condition. 
  • Look for hotels with an ironing board and steamer available: Even if your clothing gets wrinkled in your suitcase, an iron and a steamer will quickly revive it. 
  • Unpack your clothes for trips longer than one night: If your trip is longer than 24 hours, use your hotel room’s closet and dresser to unpack. Unpacking helps you keep your clothing organized and helps you feel more at home. 
  • Minimize the number of shoes you need to bring: One of the most important packing tips for a family vacation, business trips or even solo travel is to cut back on the number of shoes you bring. If possible, limit your options to one formal pair and one comfortable pair of shoes. Wear the bulkiest pair on the plane with you to save space. 
  • Wrap belts along the inside edge of your suitcase: Belts are another essential that take up a lot of space in your suitcase. To keep them organized, wrap them around the edges of your suitcase’s interior, which leaves plenty of room for other clothes. 

Other Travel Packing Tips to Consider

In addition to packing your clothing, you’ll also need to find room for the rest of your essentials. Here are some additional vacation and business travel packing tips to keep in mind. 

  • Bring the right size bags: When traveling, you’ll need more than just a suitcase — you’ll need things like purses, backpacks or briefcases to use while exploring your destination. Bring bags that suit your travel needs and fit comfortably into your suitcase. Pro-tip: using bags like nesting dolls will maximize space. 
  • Use packing organizers while on the go: If you’re already using packing organizers inside your suitcase, you can also use them in your purse or backpack once you’ve arrived at your destination. They are particularly helpful for keeping extra chargers and other electronics organized and secure. 
  • Share luggage with family or other travel companions: Before your trip, coordinate with your travel companions to see if it’s possible to consolidate your suitcases or share essential items like chargers or toiletries. Ask your family and friends about their favorite packing tips for vacation. They might have ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. 
  • See what items your hotel provides: Many hotels provide toiletries like shampoo, body wash and hand lotion in your room as well as hair dryers. Check with your hotel to see what items they offer to save some space in your suitcase. 
  • Use travel-sized personal care items: One of the most obvious yet most useful packing tips for vacation is to swap out your normal toiletries for travel-sized items. These are easy to find at local drugstores and are particularly great for air travel. 
  • Pack liquid items in plastic bags: The last thing you want is toothpaste exploding and destroying your clothes. Make sure that all liquid items are secured in plastic bags for extra security. 
  • Bring portable stain remover with you: One top business travel packing tip is to always have stain remover with you. Accidents happen, but this will ensure that you still look professional if you spill something on your clothing. 
  • Keep your travel documents safe. Make sure your luggage has a secure compartment where you can store your passport, boarding passes and other secure documents. When you get to your hotel, keep these documents in a safe or other secure location. 
  • Keep pet supplies in a separate bag: Pack a separate bag specifically for your pet’s supplies. This will make it easier for you to access them when you need them. This will prevent things from getting lost, mixed up with or damaging your own items. 

Book Your Stay at The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

While traveling can be stressful at times, these vacation packing tips will help you stay organized and avoid luggage disasters. 

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