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September 22, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Micro Weddings

With the average cost of a traditional wedding skyrocketing in recent years, couples have been inviting fewer guests to their weddings than they used to.

The COVID-19 pandemic also has couples rethinking their wedding plans for safety reasons. Fresh alternatives have emerged to allow couples the opportunity to keep their wedding date while still including part of a traditional ceremony in their big day, at a fraction of the price. Enter the micro wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

In simple terms, a micro wedding is considered as having 50 or fewer guests. They are a happy medium between a traditional wedding and an elopement. These smaller events can be elegant and include your important customs and traditions for a beautiful experience. Abbreviated celebrations are usually more relaxed, shorter in duration and less stressful to organize.

What are the Advantages of a Micro Wedding?

Not everyone wants a big wedding and all the work and attention that comes with it. Micro weddings are a popular trend emerging on the wedding scene that require less money and are less stressful to plan.

Micro weddings are also a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic that can allow couples who’ve already begun planning to keep their date and venue, with some potential amendments to the ceremony and reception. Think about how you and your fiancé want to celebrate and the many advantages of a micro wedding.

Budget Friendly

Whether you’re working on a budget or don’t want to spend a fortune on the event, a smaller wedding may be for you. More guests usually mean your expenses will increase. It’s easier to keep sight of your budget when there are only 20 versus 200 guests to plan for.

One of the big benefits of a smaller guest count is freeing up your budget to splurge on elements you may not have thought possible, such as your dream dress, elaborate decorations, amazing flowers, mouth-watering menus or an extravagant honeymoon. A micro wedding can help you stay on budget and ensure you have enough funds for the splurges.

Easier to Plan

Planning any size wedding requires patience, compromise, and ingenuity–many of the same things that will serve you well in a good marriage. The great advantage of a micro wedding is the ability to plan it on your terms. You can opt out of “necessary” aspects of a traditional wedding and it won’t look out of place. Truly anything goes! You may even have extra time to focus on special details or DIY décor.

Less Pressure

It’s hard not to feel pressure when planning a wedding. Large events require you to make numerous decisions and take a great deal of time coordinating all the details–leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Smaller weddings can mean smaller decisions and that can mean less stress. You can prioritize the essentials and focus on keeping things in perspective, like marrying the love of your life.

More Time with Each Guest

Many couples feel pressure to chat and catch up with all their guests. A large wedding can leave you less time to spend together as a couple. Consider who is key in your lives, who you value and want to spend time with.

Having fewer guests at your wedding allows you to spend more quality time with each of them. More face time will make your guests feel special and help you create memorable moments to take into your future together.

What are its Disadvantages?

Even with the many benefits of a micro wedding, there are some downsides to a smaller event. Your dreams of a big fairytale day will be different than you may have envisioned. People may be upset when the guest list gets smaller as a result of deciding who will be part of this more intimate gathering.

Like any wedding of any size you will still have to deal with the impact of wedding no-shows or last-minute cancelations, but there will just be far less to worry about in total.

Difficulty Narrowing Down the Guest List

No doubt, whittling down the guest list can be the most challenging task for couples and their families. There are so many people that are happy and excited to celebrate this joyous occasion with you, and when they are not invited feelings can be hurt.

For couples whose parents are helping pay the bill, it may be difficult to convince them to narrow down their own guest list. This can also lead to disputes; either between you and your parents, or even between you and your partner.

What if Several People Don’t Show Up?

Small weddings don’t make us immune to heightened emotions and anxieties about everything going according to plan. But on your big day, you and your spouse may be wondering where some of your guests are and why they didn’t call.

The impact of 10 people not coming to a wedding of 40 feels bigger than 20 people not showing up to a wedding of 175. While the no-shows can be aggravating, don’t expect your venue to give you a refund. You’ve already given them the guest count and they have made arrangements and prepared for that number.

May Regret Not Having a Larger Wedding

Rarely, if ever, will you have an opportunity to get together with friends and family that live in so many different locations, and a big wedding would have been the perfect excuse to all be in one place at one time.

You may be the first in the family to bypass the important family ritual of a big family wedding. Or maybe you have the resources to hold a larger scale event, but the pandemic has shifted your plans. If you’ve always dreamed of a grand, beautiful wedding, it may feel like you’re settling for less when choosing to hold a smaller event.

Tips for Planning a Micro Wedding

Even though micro weddings may be small, they still require detail and planning. Decisions need to be made about where to hold your event, who to invite and whether you will have a reception after your ceremony. The beauty of a micro wedding lies with its flexibility.

Find a Venue That Hosts Micro Weddings

As the number of guests rises, the number of options for venues falls. A smaller wedding provides an abundance of venues to choose from and infinite flexibility.

Think public gardens, restaurants, iconic structures, the beach, parks and even destination weddings. Many venues offer micro wedding packages that include all the elements of a big expensive wedding at an affordable price. They typically include the venue rental, officiant, music, photographer, mini cake, flowers and a day-of coordinator–almost everything you need for a beautiful, easy event.

Talk with Your Fiancé and Parents About the Guest List

Large crowds may be overwhelming for some couples, and others prefer the intimacy of having just family and a few friends present. Sitting down with your fiancé and parents to discuss everyone’s expectations before making any decisions can help bring you to an agreeable approach for creating the guest list.

Everyone should share what they think the ideal size of the wedding should be or the number of people they couldn’t imagine having the day without. Bring a list of the top three elements you absolutely want to include in your big day. Including them in your wedding may play a role in the size of event you decide on.

Decide if You Want a Reception

Just because you are having a micro wedding doesn’t mean you should forgo a fabulous reception. In fact, spending less on a micro wedding could free up some of your budget and allow you more flexibility in selecting an after-party venue, entertainment and food and drink options.

An intimate ceremony followed by a celebration could be the perfect balance. Some couples are considering holding the reception at a later time than their nuptials. It may be a safe decision, as nationwide social distancing rules are in place.

Should You Have a Micro Wedding?

Every couple’s must-haves are different. Make sure you have a clear image of the most important aspects you want to include in your wedding. Perhaps you’ve realized how expensive weddings are and it‘s not an expense you want to incur. If you’ve discerned who makes the cut–and the guest list is small, then forge ahead with your micro wedding.

Remember, your wedding is an exciting milestone. You can still maintain some traditional aspects of a wedding, but ditch the others. Allow yourself to create the event, and no matter what form it ends up taking, it should be a celebration of your love for one another.

Contact The Hotel at Arundel Preserve About a Micro Wedding Venue

Is a small wedding the right style for you? Well, the team at The Hotel at Arundel Preserve is here to help you decide. We’ve hosted weddings of all sizes at our event venue. Our indoor and outdoor spaces can be uniquely designed to let you love big, but celebrate small.

Contact The Hotel at Arundel Preserve to explore how, together you can host a one-of-a-kind, beautiful micro wedding. Wedding planning can still be done during the pandemic, in the comfort of your own home.

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